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Pheasant Hunting south Dakota
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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
Clover Leaf Pheasant Farms,

Thank you for your interest in South Dakota pheasant hunting at Clover Leaf Pheasant Farms! We offer very affordable SD pheasant hunting packages for your upland game experience. Down below you will find very affordable South Dakota pheasant hunting packages.

South Dakota is tops with some of the best pheasant hunting land you will ever have set foot on.

Clover Leaf Pheasant Farms are located two miles east of Estelline South Dakota, on the Eastern ridge of the Sioux River Valley called "Buffalo Ridge".

Pheasant hunting you will also see some awesome sights from the high hills overlooking the fields, valleys and ponds, and the creek that runs threw the farm. Most of the land is in CRP; with food plots and a tree lined creek bed.

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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

Pheasant Hunting Photos

Pheasant Hunting Photos

Pheasant Hunting Photos

Pheasant Hunting Photos

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, Packages and Rates

Here are the South Dakota Cloverleaf Pheasant Farms, guided pheasant hunting packages we offer are:

* $200.00 per day per person for a group of five or more pheasant hunters.
* $225.00 per day per person for pheasant hunting parties of three or four.
* $250.00 per day for two pheasant hunters.
* $275.00 per day for one pheasant hunter.

* Best Deal:

*Weekday: Group of 5 or more 2 day Hunt $350.00 per hunter

*Weekend: Group of 5 or more 2 day' Hunt $400.00 per hunter

Un-Guided, South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, Rates:

Here are the un-guided pheasant hunting rates.

* $200.00 for 1 pheasant hunter
* $180.00 (per pheasant hunter) 2 pheasant hunters
*$165.00 (per pheasant hunter) 3 or 4 pheasant hunters
*$150.00 (per pheasant hunter) 5 or more pheasant hunters

20% Deposit required on all hunts




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